How do I eliminate the smell from my cup?

Medical-grade silicone (the cup's material) is odorless. However, it is possible that your cup develops an odor with use. The most common reason for a menstrual cup to develop a smell is that you leave it in for longer than the advised 8-12 hours. 
Here are a few ways to eliminate the cup’s smell: 
• Soaking it in a hydrogen peroxide mix. Mix 1/2 hydrogen peroxide 2% and 1/2 water in a bowl. Submerge the cup and leave it overnight in the mixture. Just remember to boil the cup for 3-5 minutes before you use it again!
• Using fresh lemon juice. You can either wipe the inside and outside of your cup with it or soaking your cup in the juice for around an hour. Once finished, boil your cup for a few minutes in water to ensure all residue is removed.
• Rinsing the cup with cold water. After removing and emptying your menstrual cup, make sure to rinse it with cold water first. You can use lukewarm after if preferred. Using warm water first may cause the smell.
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