I find the cup uncomfortable

It is important that you're using a cup in the right size for you, and that the cup sits in a position that is right for you. For some, it can take a while for the body to get used to the cup and the light suction seal, and it's very normal for a cervix to dip or sit lower during certain days of your cycle. 

If you feel discomfort when using the cup, there can be several reasons for it:

  • Maybe the positioning / placement isn't entirely optimal for you, and you'll have to place it at an angle/higher/lower. 
  • Maybe your body is just getting used to the cup. 
  • Maybe you accidentally scratch yourself or irritate the inside of the vagina when inserting / removing the cup, 
  • Maybe the stem could be poking the outside of the vagina - in this case you can shorten the stem. 
  • Maybe you have inserted the cup too high. If the cup has been placed beside your cervix instead of underneath, it will cause immediate discomfort. If this happens, remove the cup and reinsert, making sure to place it beneath the cervix instead.
  • Maybe the size is not right for you, if the cup doesn't unfold, you will most likely feel the cup and it will not be comfortable. If that's the case, please get in touch at support@allmatters.com and we will exchange the size for free. 

 When inserted correctly, the cup should not cause any discomfort.

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